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Environmental issues are often at odds with commerce. In the case of packaging, while environmentally friendly packaging is socially responsible, it is often hard to do in a cost effective manner. In this lesson, students have to balance the need for secure packaging with environmental and economic concerns. They will work together in groups of 3–4 students to create a mailing package for a fragile substance. In this case, students will be using a cookie as their substance. After the packages are finished, take them to the post office and mail them back to the students. When the packages arrive, schedule a second session to evaluate the results. Students will score their packages using a rubric. . BY ERIN DENNISTON Provided by Kenan Fellows Program.


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This lesson from a website has students balancing economic and environmental issues as they try to come up with novel ways to package and mail fragile items (cookies, in this instance). The students must explicitly consider cost and environmental cost issues; their reward is to receive the cookies in the mail and presumably eat them if they arrive intact.

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