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Students will identify positive and negative economic incentives used in their communities to encourage people to make CHOICES beneficial to the community. Students will recognize that not all incentives convince all people, since people have different views and values.


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1.8.3: Indiana's Academic Standards for Visual Art

Identify similarities and connections between concepts and subject matter of visual art and other art forms (dance, theatre, or music).

1.8.3: Indiana Academic Standards for Theatre

Discuss stories to understand and describe character relationships.

1.8.3: Nevada Physical Education Content Standards

Evaluate movement forms for skill improvement (i.e., checklists, rubrics).

1.8.3: Nevada Health Content Standards

Explain the interrelationships of emotional, intellectual, physical, and social health in adolescence.

1.8.3: Nevada Arts Standards - Music

Sing choral literature written in two and three parts with and without accompaniment.

1.8.3: Nevada Arts Standards - Theater

Identify and describe the roles and responsibilities of stage production personnel.

1.8.3: Nevada Arts Standards - Visual Arts

Use and explain why various media, techniques, and processes are used to produce works of art that communicate ideas and experiences.

1.8.3: South Dakota Health Education Standards

Analyze how the environment affects personal health.
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