This press release from 2008 explains the results of a survey of teachers from the United Kingdom. The survey found that a high percentage of teachers believe that their students aspire to be celebrities and model their behavior on celebrities.


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Learning Object American Culture Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity Elizabeth Currid-Halkett



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Dustin Rodgers
June 12, 2011

I think this is a good learning object because it would work well as a supplemental reading to go along with Starstruck. Like Karla said I would like to see a similar study done in the United States even though I think it would be very similar results. When I was looking at this LO the first thing I thought was that it would make a great discussion piece. Students could read this article and then decide whether they agree or disagree with these teachers’ views how celebrities influenced their lives. You could even give this same survey to your class and see how their opinions differed from that of the teachers and then base a discussion around the comparisons.

Karla Wolff
June 9, 2011

I agree this is a great resource, especially when you use it with the book. I also agree with Joe that the questions that are posed in the reading would be excellent to ask the students and form the basis of a dicsussion. It shows how much our youth look up to celebrities and how the different generations differ with what celebrities they look up to. The teachers in the article both brought up good points about positive and negative impacts that come from the fascination of celebrities which is why it is important to address the issue of celebrity. . It is also short and mentions interesting statistics and celebrities that makes it very readable to students. It would be nice to have a survey like this done in the U.S.

Joe Dickens
June 9, 2011

Great choice for a learning object. This article really gets at the heart of what Currid-Halkett talks about in her book. Also it is the perfect connecting piece that brings this discussion to the forefront in the classroom. This report, along with the stats given by Currid-Halkett, are somewhat disturbing for me as they show the vulnerability of today's youth. Although having big dreams is a great thing, we as teachers need to help them understand the reality, which is that almost everyone wants to be famous, and they practically want to be handed fame. unfortunately it does not work like that, and students need to see the studies and statistics in order to get a more clear version of reality. Also I would like to use the questions in this survey to give to the students and see how they respond. Then I would like to hold a classroom discussion on the idea of celebrity and its attainability.

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