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Political participation in the United States is low. The need for informed and active citizens is high. Often students are unaware of the policies, procedures, bills, and amendments that delivered the vote to large segments of the American population. This lack of knowledge is a hindrance when these same students are then asked to take part in the voting process. This lesson is part of a larger unit aimed at a historical overview of suffrage in the United States. This lesson tasks students with learning the process for voter registration, identifying their local polling place, crafting a series of interview questions to conduct a polling place interview on Election Day. After participating in this community-based activity/lesson, students have a personal experience interacting with their own election polling places. The ‘other’ness and mystery is taken out of voting procedures for a group of students on the verge of casting their own first ballot. I hazard a guess that there is nothing more memorable or meaningful for my students in the year long course. This is everything education can and should be: personal, engaged and meaningful.


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This resource is a powerful tool for teaching students about the voting process while learning more about their own political ideology. The lesson centers on students going to a local polling place on election day and conducting a video interview. The resource includes detailed instructions that begin with students taking online surveys to explore their own views, generating interview questions, conducting the interview, and then uploading the video interview to a share site. It should be noted that not all of the links in the lesson plan work, but teachers should be able to find similar surveys on the Internet. In addition, the author of the lesson recommends coordinating with teachers in other states or locations which allows students to make comparisons about political views across different regions.

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