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En esta coleccion por el Internet, los estudiantes pueden investigar la historia de Puerto Rico por los ojos de Teodoro Vidal, un hombre quien capturo la historia de la isla con todos los objetos que colecciono. La exhibicion por el Internet provee informacion sobre el coleccionista, historia puertorriqueia, la vida cotidiana en Puerto Rico historico, las religiones puertorriqueias, Carnaval, música, y el concepto de la Gran Familia Puertorriqueia


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4.3.5: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Compare and contrast art objects that have a similar theme from different part of the world observed in visits to museums or galleries (e.g., puppets, masks, containers).

4.3.5: District of Columbia Health Education Standards

Recognize and deal with common hazards when walking or cycling on the sidewalk.

4.3.5: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Manipulate an object by using a long-handled implement and contrast that with using a short-handled implement.

4.3.5: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Calculate personal heart rate per minute by recording heartbeats for ten-second intervals and fifteen-second intervals.

4.3.5: Indiana's Academic Standards for Mathematics

Develop and use formulas for finding the perimeter and area of rectangles, including squares, using appropriate strategies (e.g. decomposing shapes), tools and units of measure.

4.3.5: Indiana's Academic Standards Social Studies

Explain how glaciers shaped Indiana's landscape and environment.

4.3.5: Indiana's Academic Standards Music

Improvise movements to accompany or demonstrate a melody.

4.3.5: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Define figurative language, such as similes, metaphors, hyperbole, or personification, and identify its use in literary works. Simile: a comparison that uses like or as Metaphor: an implied comparison Hyperbole: an exaggeration for effect Personification: a description that represents a thing as a person

4.3.5: Social Studies High School Content Expectations v.10.07

Western Europe to 1500 – Explain the workings of feudalism, manoralism, and the growth of centralized monarchies and city-states in Europe including

4.3.5: North Dakota Health Content Standards

Explain how a reduction in land, air, and water pollution can benefit our health (e.g., recycle, noise, plant trees)

4.3.5: North Dakota Science Content Standards

Describe how the path of light changes (i.e., reflected, absorbed, or allowed to pass through) when it encounters a variety of objects
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