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Students will learn more about nonrenewable and renewable energy resources. They will work in groups to research one form of renewable energy using the Internet. Each group will develop a PowerPoint presentation to highlight strengths of this energy resource. Using the PowerPoint presentation, they will speak before the “Energy Commission” to persuade the commission to fund more research for their form of renewable energy.


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SCI.5.4.A: Science

collect, record, and analyze information using tools, including calculators, microscopes, cameras, computers, hand lenses, metric rulers, Celsius thermometers, prisms, mirrors, pan balances, triple beam balances, spring scales, graduated cylinders, beakers, hot plates, meter sticks, magnets, collecting nets, and notebooks; timing devices, including clocks and stopwatches; and materials to support observations of habitats or organisms such as terrariums and aquariums; and

SCI.6.7.A: Science

research and debate the advantages and disadvantages of using coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and solar resources; and
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