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English 9A is the first semester of a year-long Language Arts course. In this course, we will study novels, plays, poetry, and articles as a means of improving critical thinking, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and written expression. Through written, audio, and video recordings, students share their reactions to the characters, themes, and issues of the works studied. Grammar, vocabulary, symbolism, plot points, and character development are among the language and literary techniques which students will study in this course. Throughout the course, students will make connections between the themes and characters of literature, and the events and interactions of their own lives. Students will work through all steps of the writing process to create effective paragraphs and essays—skills that will apply in all disciplines throughout high school and beyond. Wikis and group work will allow students to share ideas and connect with other students, and interactive instruction and review will clarify grammar and usage rules to help our students avoid embarrassing mistakes that beset the English written word.


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full course English 9th grade literature lessons



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This comprehensive multimediated resource is an entire course or solid frame for English 9B. The objective of the course is to improve critical thinking comprehension, vocabulary and rewritten expression. Language and literary techniques (including vocabulary, grammar, symbolism, plot points, and character development) are studied while students share their reactions to characters, themes and issues in a variety of texts. Major works studied include: Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird and Lord of the Flies. The resource integrates written audio and video recordings texts when applicable. While some of our rubrics may not be explicitly addressed, this resource is based on best practice and standard core curriculum. This resource’s richness lends itself to be mined and personalized.

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