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Nikki and Kyesia's video about the benefits of the integration of YouTube into the classroom.


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Austyn Smith
November 4, 2011

Good job with the video. You had great examples for how youtube could be used in a class room, and had good explanations. I had a hard time hearing the video (auditory programming). Also maybe more fluid transition. Other than that, its was very informative and you did explain all the key points.

Amanda Harvie
October 19, 2011

Good job! I really liked that you incorporated relevant videos throughout and your presentation made it easy to see how YouTube can be educational.

My only criticisms is that the transitions could have been a little smoother and the auditory part was a little fuzzy but other than that, great job!

Allyson Fox
October 12, 2011

-I really like the added YouTube videos. I was laughing when you showed "Don't tase me bro"
-Your information was also very clear and concise

-I would be careful about using references to UF. Everyone at UF understands, but people elsewhere may not.
-I would also work on a more engaging intro. The video picked up speed, but my initial reaction was that the video was going to be boring. Start by playing music or using a cartoon.

Thomas Morrell
October 11, 2011

Nice video. I like the UF-related videos. I was interesting to see the videos incorporated throughout as well as see both viewpoints on the use of youtube in the classroom. Well done.

It would have been nice to hear both of you speak more in the video. Also some of the videos in your presentation were seen already in class.

danielle Nathan
October 11, 2011

I like your enthusiasm for youtube. I also like how the viewer can clearly see what you are doing on the screen and as you talk about it.
However the sound variations are a little distracting. Also, if the transition between clips and commentary were smoother the video would be much nicer

Joshua Ray
October 4, 2011

Your video did do a good job explaining how you tube can be educational. I especially liked how you reviewed the history of youtube, explaining away any misconception of its' educational value.

Although previously mentioned, the volume made it difficult to understand your video. Also, the don't taz me bro video I thought was too political, possibly violent, it could possibly offend viewers.

Brandalyn Williams
October 2, 2011

I like how they rotated near the end the positive benefits of youtube. They both seem excited and interested into what they are talking about.

It seemed as though one of the presenters was reading off a screen. I would suggest to look more into the camera when speaking. In some places the video editing seemed a little off when it cut off one of the videos in the middle of what the guys was saying. It can be improved by increasing the sound and video quality in some spots.

Rachel Miller
September 28, 2011

I thought the video was very organized and informative. I liked your description of how it can be used in the classroom.

In terms of improvement, the sound was definitely hard to hear so I had to pay attention very closely to what you were saying. I also would have picked a different video instead of "don't tase me bro" because it was too dark.

Emily Robertson
September 28, 2011

Great Video! I liked how you included several different video examples into your presentation. Good explanations of how YouTube is incorporated into a classroom.

I had some difficulty hearing and understanding what was being said at some points throughout the video. Just make sure that you both are speaking loud enough so that it is clear what you are saying. Other than that I thought the video was great!

Rebecca Blitch
September 28, 2011

Nice job! Your voices were very engaging and made the video easy to watch. I loved how you went into the history and different uses of youtube. I also liked how you went into how youtube is perceived, and how it is changing. Thank you for the step-by-step also!
The only thing I thought could have used improvement would be the video we used in class. That video was very relevant to your topic, but I probably would have only shown a smaller portion of that video.

Kristofer Kraul
September 28, 2011

I'm glad you included the sign-up process. It is often overlooked because we have much experience with these types of sites, but for a middleschooler who may not have much Web experience, the sign-up process is important for the teacher to go over. I also like how you used a video relevant to your audience in the beginning. It's a great way to grab attention and establish a connection.

The volume could have been equalized better. Also, it was a little distracting seeing the rest of the lab in the background of the video. I like how you analyzed the videos we saw in class, but I think it would have been better to introduce new content that we had not already seen and relate it back to the initial points you were talking about.

Alexandria Lewis
September 27, 2011

I really enjoyed this video! YouTube has become such a universal tool that we all utilize, and it's a great resource for integrating technology in the classroom. I liked how you girls incorporated humor into your presentation through things such as the "don't taze me bro" video. I also appreciated referencing how YouTube is viewed by others in society through the news cast.

The only qualms I had with this video are that certain parts were difficult to hear, and I would've liked more cohesion as far as your separate film shots. Overall I thought it was very informative! Great job!

Jessica Smith
September 27, 2011

Its great that you used familiar and humorous examples. The explanation for how youtube can be beneficial in the classroom was a strong point that tied everything together in the end.

Sometimes it was hard to hear what was being said, so maybe adjust the volume on the software you used. I would have liked to see some more classroom specific examples. Maybe how students can use youtube in addition to teachers.

Abby Lindsley
September 27, 2011

You guys did an awesome job with this video! I really liked how you used examples that related to me (the taser and "To Kill a Mockingbird" examples). This way, I could understand the tutorial better because I already was familiar with the examples that were being showed. Also, I liked how you explained how YouTube works and how it can be a beneficial piece of technology that can be integrated into the classroom.

If I had to give a suggestion on what you guys could improve on with this video, it would be to make sure the volume of your voices were even because at times it was hard to hear and understand what you were talking about. Also, I would try and make the slides and transitions smoother because sometimes, they were "robotic" which disrupted the flow of the video.

Elisabeth Emery
September 27, 2011

My speakers on my lap top are pretty bad but I thought the audio was too quiet. I could barely hear the video. The content of the video was pretty good. I liked the use of photos, popular videos, and examples of education videos like the "To Kill a Mocking Bird" video. I also like the addition of the story about YouTube being used in the classroom. However, I wish there had been some music or audio and the beginning of the video. Finally, I liked the switching back and forth between the two commentators at the end of the video

Rachel Wolf
September 26, 2011

You guys did a great job! I really liked the different kinds of examples you demonstrated in the video. The Too Kill a Mockingbird reference was a great way to incorporate youtube into the classroom.

The only improvement is to have smoother transitions and to fix the evenness of the volume. However, I understand that creating these videos is difficult and the video was great.

Lexi Pomerance
September 26, 2011

Great video! I thought it was very easy to watch and your voices were very clear. You also bring up an awesome point about YouTube, it really is so helpful now for certain school related topics.

If I had to pick something for you all to work on, I would have to say that the flow could be slightly improved and you could speak up a little louder in some of the clips. Other than that, good job!!

Alyssa Prats
September 26, 2011

Good job ladies! You went into depth about the way youtube videos could be used in the classroom. I also liked that you used examples of clips pertaining to specific subjects.

My only suggestions are that the volume was very low, so it was hard to hear some of the video. Also the editing was a little bit choppy. But overall, very informative video!

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