When you listen to your favourite piece of music, your ears pick up on a very wide range of frequencies, from the deepest rumblings of the bass to the very highest pitched vibrations. Now imagine your ears were only sensitive to a very limited range of frequencies. You'd miss out on most of the good stuff! But that's essentially the situations that astronomers are in. Our eyes are only sensitive to a very narrow range of light frequencies: visible light. But we are completely blind to all other forms of electromagnetic radiation. However, there are many objects in the Universe that do emit radiation at other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Eyes on the Skies is a movie produced as standard DVD and Blu-ray format, freely available for TV broadcasters and for public events carried out by educators, science centres, planetariums, amateur astronomers etc. (send your email, postal address plus a justification to us ). It explores the many facets of the telescope ¿ the historical development, the scientific importance, the technological breakthroughs, and also the people behind this ground-breaking invention, their triumphs and failures. It is presented by Dr. J, aka Dr. Joe Liske, a professional astronomer from the European Southern Observatory and host of the Hubblecast video podcast.


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