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Yarelis Serrano
October 3, 2011

I enjoyed your presentation! I think it was really creative because you used a novel idea to present the information and therefore entertaining; your acting was great! :). I wish you could have added a little more information about your topic and perhaps a few more examples about it is to be used in the classroom and/or real life.

Kai Kang
October 3, 2011

I like how you use cognitive maps to navigate your thoughts and It is really easy to follow. I also like your drawings as they are very creative and pertain to the topic you introduced. But the video would be better if you use editing software instead of completely hand-drawing.

Taylor LeCorgne
October 2, 2011

-video was extremely well put together
-use of board helped add visuals to what was being described
-more instances of having multiple papers under each other and ripping the top one off would have been a cool effect
-more examples on how it would have benefited students would have added even more to your presentation

Rosemary Ramirez
October 2, 2011

I loved the cork board and drawings used to convey your message, it made it unique and fun to watch. I think it grasped your audience's attention right away but could have come of as too young of a perspective on an older topic like Facebook.

I think you girls should have re-taped some of the wording with limited illustrations I focused in on the information read and at times words were stumbled upon. In addition, using more recent information on Facebook would be helpful because it is consistently changing. For example, the university email address is no longer valid.

Great creativity!!

Bhakti lata Roberto
October 2, 2011

Liked your storyboard, I liked the introduction of your characters as well as when they bowed out. Gave a sense of unity.

The beginning was engaging, but then towards the middle it just became more straight information with no personal touch, so I kind of disengaged. Also, I was confused at the emphasis on being a student - that was the old way of signing up for facebook, but that way is nonexistent nowadays.

Overall, good job - simple and informative.

Julie Seifert
October 2, 2011

I liked how visual and bright your presentation was. The colorful pictures on the cork board made it easy to follow and kept my attention. I also liked your explanations. You spoke slslowly and clearly and the explanations were, overall, very easy to understand.

However, I think the presentation could have been a little bit more professional. I thought it seemed a little childish at times. That could work if it was intended for a very young audience, but I don't think pre-schoolers would be watching a video about the importance of Facebook. Also, the camera was kind of shakey sometimes, so that made it difficult to watch.

Brett Stelmaszek
October 1, 2011

The video was fully explanatory of how Facebook works, which would be helpful to a student who could unfamiliar with the site. Also, the use of a cork board for a story board is a neat way to demonstrate your ideas.

However, the narration of the story was rather incomplete for an educational video; meaning that it there were several times that it seemed that the narrator was at a loss for words or was transitioning to another card to read off of. A video presentation for a class should be more fluid than that. Also, a mount for the camera to stabilize would help with the video quality.

Kevin Hixon
October 1, 2011

I really liked the idea of using the stuffed animals and the bulletin board, it was very original and fun. I also liked how you used the same area for the entire video and just moved the camera on the bulletin board. It made the presentation flow very well without needing a huge area for the papers. I think using the animals more throughout the video would have been a good idea because it is a great concept but barely used in the video. The only other thing that I thought could be improved is that first 5 or 6 seconds where the camera is just staring at the wall with nothing going on, I feel like just cutting that out would make the video flow a lot better.

Isabella Jebian
October 1, 2011

This presentation was super cute! I loved the idea of all the drawings on the cork board.
The camera was pretty shacky though mainly when switching from drawing to drawing. i think maybe cutting it so that it switches straight to the image would've been easier on the visuals.
Overall, I really liked and thought it was very informative and fun.

Monica Gonzalez
September 29, 2011

I really enjoyed the presentation. The pictures made things very easy to follow and eye catching. I also felt that the connection you made at the end with facebook's benefit for schools was very informative.
I think that some things were a little over the top and a little necessary for the presentation though. I also thought that the way the presentation was made, (i.e. the shaking camera work) could have been made smoother.

James Moore
September 29, 2011

The presentation was simple and precise. I really liked the overall uniqueness of the design and then showing their interconnections on the bulletin board. I especially liked how you incorporated Facebook into the learning atmosphere. That was something that I had never really considered before.

I would suggest using something to stabilize the camera when recording. The shakiness of the video was distracting at times. I liked the idea of using the stuffed animals to narrate, but I think they could be incorporated more into the presentation. After they were introduced, they disappeared and did not re-appear until the end. Throughout the presentation, I was wondering if they were part of the presentation or an attention grabber in the beginning.

Elise Mark
September 28, 2011

I enjoyed your presentation! I thought your idea with the stuffed animals was cute. I also like the way you put everything on one bulletin board and when you showed it at the end you could see how it was all connected. It looked kind-of like a facebook page, but I'm not sure if you did that one purpose or not. If you did, cool! One thing I thought you could've have worked on was possibly incorporating the animals a little more than just the beginning and end. Also, you could have broken up the content a little by changing it up. Perhaps pausing from the bulletin and having a dialogue between the animals could have broken up the content and added something interesting. Overall, great job!

Kathleen Sewell
September 28, 2011

I liked how simply the information was presented. I also enjoyed how you described how facebook could be used in an academic setting, as I had never considered some of these ideas.
I felt like the video could have used a narrative. As a lot of us already know a lot about facebook, I feel like a narrative would have engaged us a bit more. Also, I think your information was a little outdated, as you don't need a ".edu" address to sign up anymore.

Emily Hole
September 27, 2011

I really liked the way all of the visuals were tacked on a cork board with the camera panning around. It kept the video moving and made it easy to follow along. I also thought the idea of using stuffed animals made the video funny, which made it more enjoyable to watch.
Although I liked the way you presented the information, I found myself bored at times because of the lack of variety in how you presented the information. Something a little more interactive (like actually creating a Facebook page) would have kept my attention a little bit more. I also thought that some of the dialogue drifted from the topic at times, but overall, that was not too distracting from the presentation. On the whole, I enjoyed the video.

Daniela Alvarado
September 26, 2011

- I really enjoyed both characters and pictures on the cork board, it made it interesting and fun to watch.
- It was also a unique way to do your video.

- Though i enjoyed watching it, it was a little boring. I had a hard time staying focus.
- Next time maybe show actually show one of the stuffed animals creating an account and using it.

Heather McNeill
September 26, 2011

Nice job! The drawings and stuffed animals were very cute :) The message was easy to follow and to understand.
It explained the basics of Facebook rather well for those who don't know anything about it.
Is is necessary now a days to have an edu email address?
Also, maybe you could have re-taped parts where the wording was messed up, in order to make the overall product smoother.
Good Job :)

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