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Students will use presentation software to create a slideshow about their families. The presentation will begin with an overview slide of the student's family members that are included in the presentation. Buttons on the overview slide will link to slides which contain more information about the specific person. Students will have the opportunity to share their findings with the rest of the class and discuss possible connections between family groups.<p/> Goals<p/> -To provide students with a sense of their personal history and how it might connect to the history of others in their class. -To provide students with the basic skills necessary to use a presentation software program.<p/> Objectives<p/> The student will be able to: <ul class="minus"> <li>Create a new presentation document.</li> <li>Document family connections through text content and navigational buttons in their presentation.</li> <li>Students will be able to give a "slideshow" of their presentation.</li> </ul> Materials<p/> <ul class="minus"> <li>A computer with presentation software installed</li> <li>Access to the image files provided in the downloadable resource packet for this project</li> <li>A copy of the family data provided at the end of this document and in the downloadable resource packet for this project</li> <li>Access to print and online resources for researching historical events and genealogy, if information other than the provided data set will be used</li> <li>Printer (optional)</li> </ul>


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