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<div align="justify" width="100%">This resource has been contributed by Winpossible, and can also be accessed on their website by clicking here - <a id="winpossiblebuy" href="http://www.winpossible.com/lessons/Algebra_I_Find_equation_of_a_line_perpendicular_to_the_line_with_given_equation.html"> Find equation of a line perpendicular to the line with given equation</a>.<br><br>In this mini-lesson you'll learn how to find the equation of a line perpendicular to a given line. In such cases, we need to remember that in case of perpendicular lines, the product of their slopes is –1. This gives us a way to find the slope of the required equation -- if the slope of given line is m<sub>1</sub>, the slope of perpendicular line will be –1/ m<sub>1</sub>. The steps we need to take are as follows: <ul class="minus"> <li>Calculate slope of the new line as described above</li> <li>Extract other information provided, e.g. the y-intercept, a given point on that line etc.</li> <li>Find the equation of the new line by using the slope and the other information provided to us.<br></li> </ul> <p>This FREE mini-lesson is a part of Winpossible's online course that covers all topics within Algebra I. Click on the video below to go through it. If you like it, you can <a id="winpossiblebuy" href="http://www.winpossible.com/Course/Class_SubjectDetails.aspx">buy our online course in Algebra I</a> by clicking here.</p></div>


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