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Hundreds of people gather on Farasan Island, off Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea. Farasan Island is home to the annual Parrot Fish Festival, where tourists join local fishermen to catch the hundreds of thousands of parrot fish that return to the area to lay their eggs. Fishermen use small, round nets in shallow water to scoop up the fish.


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1.7.2: Indiana Academic Standards for Health & Wellness

Describe behaviors that reduce health risks.

1.7.2: Indiana's Academic Standards for Visual Art

Discriminate between types of lines (characteristics and qualities), shapes (geometric and organic), colors (primary and secondary), textures (tactile and visual), and space (placement/overlapping/composition), in own work and the works of others.

1.7.2: Indiana's Academic Standards Music

Discuss and evaluate classroom music activities based on established criteria.

1.7.2: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Ask questions for clarification and understanding.

1.7.2: Indiana Academic Standards for Dance

Explore connections between dance and one other discipline area (language arts, mathematics, science, social studies).

1.7.2: Indiana Academic Standards for Theatre

Use family, school, and community resources to gather information about the appearance of a specific environment.

1.7.2: Indiana Academic Standards for Visual Arts

Create artwork about self, family, and personal experiences.

1.7.2: Maryland Science Core Learning Goals

The student will identify and evaluate the impact of scientific ideas and/or advancements in technology on society.

1.7.2: North Dakota Science Content Standards

Describe ways that humans influence their environment (e.g., littering, recycling, car pooling)
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