Ford Next Generation Learning: Module 1: From Concept to Consumer: Building a Foundation in Problem Solving Free Enrollment: http://fordnglcurriculum.teachable.com/p/module-1 From Concept to Consumer: Building a Foundation in Problem-Solving introduces students to various aspects of manufacturing, such as product design, product development, production planning, manufacturing processes, and quality assurance. Students learn about the historical context in which manufacturing occurs by investigating the evolution of everyday objects in relation to social and technological change. Students also attempt to solve a variety of problems similar to the problems people must solve in the various departments of manufacturing organizations. By the end of this module, students will know what it takes for a product to make its way from concept to consumer. In Module 1, students also learn that effective communication, collaboration, and compromise are essential aspects of work in manufacturing organizations. Throughout the module, students develop and practice these skills through role-playing, hanads-on simulation, and team-based research activities. This module relies heavily on guided Internet research and requires that student teams develop and give several presentations, including one presentation that uses Microsoft® PowerPoint® software. In addition to developing oral presentation skills, students also develop skills in communicating ideas graphically through process flowcharts and tables.


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  • Grade 11
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S2470736: Next Generation Science Standards

Compare multiple solutions to a problem.
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