This unit is an interdisciplinary unit for 11th grade American Literature and US History Courses. The unit focuses on the foundations of American government and its relationship to the founding of the American Dream. The unit will result in a persuasive speech assessing speaking and listening skills, as well as student's ability to apply knowledge of the past to the present.


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  • Grade 11
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SOC.11.US.11.1.1: History-Social Science

Describe the Enlightenment and the rise of democratic ideas as the context in which the nation was founded.

SOC.11.US.11.1.2: History-Social Science

Analyze the ideological origins of the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers' philosophy of divinely bestowed unalienable natural rights, the debates on the drafting and ratification of the Constitution, and the addition of the Bill of Rights.

SOC.11.US.11.1.3: History-Social Science

Understand the history of the Constitution after 1787 with emphasis on federal versus state authority and growing democratization.

SOC.11.US.11.11.4: History-Social Science

Explain the constitutional crisis originating from the Watergate scandal.
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