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Engage your students in a four corner debate. Use this activity sheet to guide students through the exercise.


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Four Corner Debate



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LA.5.W.2.4.a: English-Language Arts

State a clear position in support of a proposal.

LA.5.W.2.4.b: English-Language Arts

Support a position with relevant evidence.

LA.5.W.2.4.c: English-Language Arts

Follow a simple organizational pattern.

LA.5.W.2.4.d: English-Language Arts

Address reader concerns.

MA.5.MR.1.1: Mathematics

Analyze problems by identifying relationships, distinguishing relevant from irrelevant information, sequencing and prioritizing information, and observing patterns.

MA.5.MR.1.2: Mathematics

Determine when and how to break a problem into simpler parts.

MA.5.MR.2.1: Mathematics

Use estimation to verify the reasonableness of calculated results.

MA.5.MR.2.2: Mathematics

Apply strategies and results from simpler problems to more complex problems.

MA.5.MR.2.3: Mathematics

Use a variety of methods, such as words, numbers, symbols, charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, and models, to explain mathematical reasoning.

MA.5.MR.2.4: Mathematics

Express the solution clearly and logically by using the appropriate mathematical notation and terms and clear language; support solutions with evidence in both verbal and symbolic work.

MA.5.MR.2.5: Mathematics

Indicate the relative advantages of exact and approximate solutions to problems and give answers to a specified degree of accuracy.

MA.5.MR.2.6: Mathematics

Make precise calculations and check the validity of the results from the context of the problem.

MA.5.MR.3.1: Mathematics

Evaluate the reasonableness of the solution in the context of the original situation.

MA.5.MR.3.2: Mathematics

Note the method of deriving the solution and demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the derivation by solving similar problems.

MA.5.MR.3.3: Mathematics

Develop generalizations of the results obtained and apply them in other circumstances.
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