A Shmoop study guide for the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.


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LA.1.RW.1.1: English-Language Arts

Match oral words to printed words.

LA.1.RW.1.2: English-Language Arts

Identify the title and author of a reading selection.

LA.1.RW.1.3: English-Language Arts

Identify letters, words, and sentences.

LA.1.RW.1.4: English-Language Arts

Distinguish initial, medial, and final sounds in single-syllable words.

LA.1.RW.1.5: English-Language Arts

Distinguish long- and short-vowel sounds in orally stated single-syllable words (e.g., bit/bite).

LA.1.RW.1.6: English-Language Arts

Create and state a series of rhyming words, including consonant blends.

LA.1.RW.1.7: English-Language Arts

Add, delete, or change target sounds to change words (e.g., change cow to how; pan to an).

LA.1.RW.1.8: English-Language Arts

Blend two to four phonemes into recognizable words (e.g., /c/a/t/ = cat; /f/l/a/t/ = flat).

LA.1.RW.1.9: English-Language Arts

Segment single-syllable words into their components (e.g., cat = /c/a/t/; splat = /s/p/l/a/t/; rich = /r/i/ch/).

LA.1.RW.1.10: English-Language Arts

Generate the sounds from all the letters and letter patterns, including consonant blends and long- and short-vowel patterns (i.e., phonograms), and blend those sounds into recognizable words.

LA.1.RW.1.11: English-Language Arts

Read common, irregular sight words (e.g., the, have, said, come, give, of).

LA.1.RW.1.12: English-Language Arts

Use knowledge of vowel digraphs and r-controlled letter-sound associations to read words.

LA.1.RW.1.13: English-Language Arts

Read compound words and contractions.

LA.1.RW.1.14: English-Language Arts

Read inflectional forms (e.g., -s, -ed, -ing) and root words (e.g., look, looked, looking).

LA.1.RW.1.15: English-Language Arts

Read common word families (e.g., -ite, -ate).

LA.1.RW.1.16: English-Language Arts

Read aloud with fluency in a manner that sounds like natural speech.

LA.1.RW.1.17: English-Language Arts

Classify grade-appropriate categories of words (e.g., concrete collections of animals, foods, toys).

LA.1.RL.3.1: English-Language Arts

Identify and describe the elements of plot, setting, and character(s) in a story, as well as the story's beginning, middle, and ending.

LA.1.RL.3.2: English-Language Arts

Describe the roles of authors and illustrators and their contributions to print materials.

LA.1.RL.3.3: English-Language Arts

Recollect, talk, and write about books read during the school year.
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