The unit includes key comprehension skills, such as Main Idea and Making Inferences. Each concept has a series of three lessons: Introduce, Reintroduce, and Build Mastery. There are also useful graphic organizers to go along with some lessons. This collection is shared by http://www.freereading.net FreeReading is a high-quality, open-source, free reading intervention program addressing literacy development for grades K-3. Schools and teachers everywhere can use the complete, research-based 40 week program for K-1 students, or use the library of lessons to supplement existing curricula in phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and writing. The site is also filled with free, downloadable materials including flashcards, graphical organizers, illustrated readers, decodable texts, audio files, videos and more. In this collection, you will find lessons on * Author's Purpose * Fact and Opinion * Cause and Effect * Compare and Contrast * Identifying Details * Main Idea * Making Inferences * Predictions * Purpose for Reading * Sequencing * Visualization * Story Elements You will also find a large collection of graphic organizers.


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LA.K.L.1.1: English-Language Arts

Understand and follow one- and two-step oral directions.

LA.K.L.1.2: English-Language Arts

Share information and ideas, speaking audibly in complete, coherent sentences.

LA.K.L.2.1: English-Language Arts

Describe people, places, things (e.g., size, color, shape), locations, and actions.

LA.K.L.2.2: English-Language Arts

Recite short poems, rhymes, and songs.

LA.K.L.2.3: English-Language Arts

Relate an experience or creative story in a logical sequence.
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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Mohammed Idris

It is an excellent work; it will enable the children to be, even, great writer if the format well observed; very difficult though, to find story to apply the complete format.

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