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Links go to the key categories of the OLPC free Educational Software wiki. Introduction 2 Programming for Kids 2.1 Software to create Text Adventures 3 Software to Support Education 3.1 A Concept Mapping Tool 3.2 Unit Calculator 3.3 Dictionary software 3.4 Arithmetic training software 3.5 Software to enable Participatory Simulations 3.6 Software to create System Dynamics models 3.7 Software to create Ecological Simulations 3.8 Software to create Equipment Simulations 4 Teaching Software 4.1 Ebook Reader 4.2 Story Teller 4.3 MIT Sketching 4.4 Interactive Assistants 4.4.1 olpc and interactive assistants 4.4.2 References 5 Virtual Manipulatives (for math learning) 6 Nelements 7 Educational Wikis 8 Industry and Shop Education


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Sandy OU
April 10, 2009

I wanted to give some (hopefully) constructive and useful feedback on the structure of this resource. I'm interested in Open Source software and the OLPC project, however I didn't find this resource as useful as I would have hoped.

Because the content was copied from the OLPC Wiki, it doesn't change when the Wiki changes. I believe it would be more helpful if this resource gave an outline of the important software components with just a brief description and then linked to the appropriate areas within the OLPC Wiki - or other web resource as appropriate.

That way the resource would be easier, and quicker, to browse and find software that might be interesting and the links would provide up-to-date information.

I appreciate the availability of the information in the resource, I would just like to see a structure that didn't lend itself to having out-of-date information.


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