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LA.K.R.WS.00.01: English Language Arts

demonstrate phonemic awareness by the wide range of sound manipulation competencies including sound blending and deletion.

LA.K.R.WS.00.02: English Language Arts

recognize that words are composed of sounds blended together and carry meaning.

LA.K.R.WS.00.03: English Language Arts

understand the alphabetic principle, that sounds in words are expressed by the letters of the alphabet.

LA.K.R.WS.00.04: English Language Arts

use grapho-phonemic (letter-sound) cues to recognize a few one-syllable words when presented completely out of context. Begin to associate letters and sounds, particularly initial and final consonants.

LA.K.R.WS.00.05: English Language Arts

automatically recognize a small number (about 18) of frequently encountered, personally meaningful words in print.

LA.K.R.WS.00.06: English Language Arts

make progress in automatically recognizing a few of the 220 Dolch basic sight words.

LA.K.R.WS.00.07: English Language Arts

follow familiar written text while pointing to matching words.

LA.K.R.WS.00.08: English Language Arts

narrow possibilities in predicting words using initial letters/sounds (phonics), patterns of language (syntactic), and picture clues (semantic).

LA.K.R.WS.00.09: English Language Arts

know the meanings of words encountered frequently in grade-level reading and oral language contexts.

LA.K.R.WS.00.10: English Language Arts

in context, determine the meaning of a few words, familiar and repeated phrases including objects, actions, concepts, content vocabulary, and literary terms, using strategies and resources including picture clues, prediction, and other people.

LA.K.R.FL.00.01: English Language Arts

automatically apply the following aspects of fluency: naming of letters, association of letters and their sounds, recognition of a few words both when encountered in context and isolation, and demonstrating understanding of concepts of print.
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