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Welcome to FreeReading's Intervention A, a reading intervention program for small groups of one to six kindergarten or first grade students who need additional help with phonological awareness and phonics. The resources contained in this folder consist of the week's acitivities including a downloadable document covering the entire week's worth of lesson plans and work, as well lesson plans separated by day. This resource is part of the FreeReading Phonics collection. Content 1 Week 16, Day 1 2 Reintroduce /E/ o 2.1 What to do o 2.2 Related activities 3 Letter sound accuracy: /a/ .. /E/ o 3.1 What to do o 3.2 Related activities 4 Introduce writing a letter: E o 4.1 What to do o 4.2 Video o 4.3 Related activities 5 Letter writing accuracy: a m s t i f r o d u g c b n k v l e h w j p y T M F D I N A R L E o 5.1 What to do o 5.2 Video o 5.3 Related activities 6 Sounding out accuracy: C~C~VC: flop, tell, snug, hand o 6.1 What to do o 6.2 Video o 6.3 Related activities 7 Word-form recognition accuracy: C.VC: got, get, but, jet o 7.1 What to do o 7.2 Related activities 8 Reintroduce an irregular word: to o 8.1 What to do o 8.2 Related activities 9 Week 16, Day 2 10 Introduce /H/ o 10.1 What to do o 10.2 Related activities 11 Letter sound fluency: /a/ .. /E/ o 11.1 What to do o 11.2 Related activities o 11.3 About this activity 12 Introduce writing a letter: H o 12.1 What to do o 12.2 Video o 12.3 Related activities 13 Letter writing fluency: R o 13.1 What to do o 13.2 Related activities 14 Sounding out accuracy: C~C~VC: slot, back, just, smug o 14.1 What to do o 14.2 Video o 14.3 Related activities 15 Irregular word fluency: was, of, the, to o 15.1 What to do o 15.2 Related activities 16 Week 16, Day 3 17 Reintroduce /H/ o 17.1 What to do o 17.2 Related activities 18 Letter sound accuracy: /a/ .. /H/ o 18.1 What to do o 18.2 Related activities 19 Introduce writing a letter: H o 19.1 What to do o 19.2 Video o 19.3 Related activities 20 Letter writing accuracy: a m s t i f r o d u g c b n k v l e h w j p y T M F D I N A R L E H o 20.1 What to do o 20.2 Video o 20.3 Related activities 21 Sounding out accuracy: C~C~VC: sled, jump, best, snap, hint o 21.1 What to do o 21.2 Video o 21.3 Related activities 22 Word-form recognition accuracy: C.VC: bus, had, him, cub o 22.1 What to do o 22.2 Related activities 23 Introduce an irregular word: you o 23.1 What to do o 23.2 Related activities 24 Week 16, Day 4 25 Introduce /G/ o 25.1 What to do o 25.2 Related activities 26 Letter sound fluency: /a/ .. /H/ o 26.1 What to do o 26.2 Related activities o 26.3 About this activity 27 Introduce writing a letter: G o 27.1 What to do o 27.2 Video o 27.3 Related activities 28 Letter writing fluency: L o 28.1 What to do o 28.2 Related activities 29 Sounding out accuracy: C~C~VC: taps, off, swam, from, smog o 29.1 What to do o 29.2 Video o 29.3 Related activities 30 Reintroduce an irregular word: you o 30.1 What to do o 30.2 Related activities 31 Week 16, Day 5 32 Reintroduce /G/ o 32.1 What to do o 32.2 Related activities 33 Letter sound accuracy: /a/ .. /G/ o 33.1 What to do o 33.2 Related activities 34 Introduce writing a letter: G o 34.1 What to do o 34.2 Video o 34.3 Related activities 35 Letter writing accuracy: a m s t i f r o d u g c b n k v l e h w j p y T M F D I N A R L E H G o 35.1 What to do o 35.2 Video o 35.3 Related activities 36 Sounding out accuracy: C~C~VC: help, snip, frog, pond, miss o 36.1 What to do o 36.2 Video o 36.3 Related activities 37 Word-form recognition accuracy: C.VC: jet, get, gum, ask, well o 37.1 What to do o 37.2 Related activities 38 Irregular word fluency: was, of, the, to, you o 38.1 What to do o 38.2 Related activities


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