GeoGebra is Java based software which can be downloaded or run through a browser to dynamically model geometry and algebra concepts. The robust interface allows the user to construct either algebraic or geometric mathematical objects on a Cartesian coordinate plane and manipulate those objects through both of their algebraic and geometric forms. Users can design GeoGebra sketches for other users to address specific concepts. Inputs include: points, lines, perpendicular or parallel lines, circles, polygons, conic sections, angles, and transformations of existing objects.


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Visualization,Grade 6,Transformations,Grade 4,Piecewise,Nonstandard shapes,Quadratic,Quadrilaterals,Rational,Number concepts,Exponents,Arithmetic,Linear,Upper Elementary,Rational numbers,Grade 5,Attend to precision,Area of circles,Model with mathematics,Step,Multiplication,Ratio and proportion,Informal Education,Graphing techniques,Distance formula,Use appropriate tools,Exponential,NSDL_SetSpec_ncs-NSDL-COLLECTION-000-003-112-027,Length,Real numbers,Estimation,Operations,Deductive reasoning,Symmetry,Number sense,Connections,Grade 3,Problem solving,Measurement,Polynomial,Education,Functions,Scale,NSDL,Area,Systems of equations,Undergraduate (Lower Division),Whole numbers,Express regularity,Graduate/Professional,Circles,Process skills,Social Sciences,Construction,Angles,Composition and decomposition of numbers,Equations,Logarithmic,Circumference,Comparison of numbers,Elementary School,Strategies,Chemistry,Addition,Plane geometry,High School,Vocational/Professional Development Education,Reasoning,Inequalities,Pythagorean theorem,Fractions,Grade 14,Algebraic representation,Properties of operations,Critical thinking,Subtraction,Grade 13,Modeling,Cartesian coordinates,Area of polygons,Integers,Geometry,Practice Standards,Life Science,Representation,Decimals,Similarity,oai:nsdl.org:2200/20140728161232621T,Engineering,Irrational numbers,Polygons,Make use of structure,Spatial sense,Higher Education,Visual representation,Mathematics,Equivalent fractions,Analytic geometry,Concept formation,Division,Number and operations,Inductive reasoning,Algebra,Lines and planes,Angle measure,Perimeter,Middle School,Lines,Reason quantitatively,Physics,Congruence,Construct arguments



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