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I am trying to teach myself German. I made this handout about the conjugation of the verb "wohnen". Hopefully, I have not made a mistake. Please let me know if I have and I will correct it immediately. I hope this handout/worksheet will be helpful to other beginning German language students.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This is a very interesting and thought-provoking resource that provides students with the opportunity to explore diversity in many aspects of society. The overall objectives of the lesson are for students to learn about and reflect on why diversity is important and to understand some of the challenges around diversity. Highlights of the lesson include an epal activity in which students find similarities and differences between them and a friend, an examination of three major religions, and a culminating activity that has students apply what they have learned about diversity. The students would most likely benefit from a handout with clear guidelines and expectations of the final assignment. It should be noted that there are some classroom specific references throughout the lesson that might need to be adapted to meet the individual needs of a teacher. While use of the Internet is integrated into the lesson, changes could be made to rely on other resources. This lesson could be used in a Cultures and Geography course or a Current Issues course as well as integrated into almost any Humanities lesson that addresses issues around diversity.

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