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Students will take notes on Glacial Terrain Features and erosion and deposition. They will look at pictures of the features as they take notes. After taking notes they will travel around the room identifying pictures as the correct terrain feature. They will also look for signs of erosion and deposition.


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Earth Science Glaciers



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In this short activity, upper level students are lead through an investigation of a variety of images, mostly from NASA and the USGS site. In answering the questions, students are asked to make observations and are challenged to draw conclusions from this real-life data regarding the changes in the world’s ice cover.
Leanne Grandjean
August 29, 2012

Simply amazing! You must live in NH judging by all the photos represented in your slideshow. Great job with the citations, too; You are setting an excellent example for your students!

What grade or age level are you using this with?

Thank you for taking the time to share this wonderful and comprehensive lesson!

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