This is a Gold Rush unit designed for fourth grade using the new Common Core standards as a guideline.       In this adventurous Gold Rush Unit, students will experience the California Gold Rush through a variety of interesting activities.  They will have the opportunity to form Mining Teams with the Interact Unit and compete to earn the most golden nuggets.  A rip-roaring adventure of a book will introduce students to a 12-year-old boy and his butler who stowaway to seek their fortune in California.  Additional activities will orient your students to many different aspects of the Gold Rush and allow them to come to understand how it changed California’s history forever.  If you’re feeling very ambitious, a musical that involves all your class can be a marvelous experience to bring all their knowledge together and perform for others.  The catchy songs will be engrained in their memories forever.  We’ve even included activities so your 4th graders can participate in a Gold Rush Day at your school site, with five different station descriptions.  So, saddle up your horse, get your gear, and be ready for an amazing time as your travel through the Gold Rush!


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Gold Rush



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This is resource is a comprehensive unit on the Gold Rush for upper elementary students.  The lessons are aligned to the Common Core Standards, and include all of the necessary materials to implement the unit.  There is a suggested calendar with a layout of the day to day activities.  Highlights include an introductory vocabulary assignment, a newspaper article assignment, and an optional musical.  The unit is well-planned and could easily be implemented as-is or adapted to meet the needs of an individual classroom.  

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