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This is a brief presentation about Google Earth and its amazing features as it pertains to education.


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Austyn Smith
November 5, 2011

The video had great dialogue (very uniform and calm), good explanations of Google Earth and good transitions form point to point (especially the Moon part). The only thing that may need improve is there were a couple extended pauses in dialogue and I heard background noise. Other than that, its was simple,sweet and to the point. good stuff

Lexi Pomerance
October 25, 2011

Good job! This video was very interesting. You presented a good tutorial for people, like myself, who don't know much about Google Earth. The sound quality was very clear as well.

I think a little bit more about the use of this program in the classroom could be helpful.

Elisabeth Emery
October 15, 2011

This video was very informative, for me at least. I had no idea that Google Earth also explored the moon and I thought the video was descriptive about how to use Google Earth. I also liked the background music you had. It wasn't over powering the verbal audio.

The only negative I say was that the verbal audio seemed a bit loud and the video could have used some "spice" or special effects or something to make it a little more entertaining.

Allyson Fox
October 12, 2011

Good job! I really liked the intro. The picture of the kid was hilarious and relatable. I was engaged when you showed the happy kid's face. I also really liked your backgroud music. It didn't distract from the video, but it added to it.

You did a great job, the only thing I would say is I didn't really understand how the classroom came into play. I also would have liked to see more advanced Google Earth features.

Kristofer Kraul
October 12, 2011

Very nice! The content of the video was great and it was obvious that you had practiced the narration. Props for that. I also like how you included the moon in the video. Nice touch!

I would have liked smoother animation on the recordings of Google Earth, but I had a hard time getting my screen captures to come out smoothly when using a bit of that, so I'm not sure how you'd improve that (other than more hardware) but you did fine for what was available. The audio is a bit crackly, so I would have spent a little more time on that in editing.

Rachel Miller
October 11, 2011

I enjoyed the video. I liked that it was succinct and to the point, while still being entertaining. I also really liked the background music, I thought it went well with the audio.

I would suggest more explanation as to what google earth actually does. The description in the video seemed to be for an extreme novice. Perhaps including more detail about how to use an app on Google Earth or something would have added to it. Also, I think that your description of how it can be used in the classroom could have been more in depth. Good job!

Rebecca Blitch
October 11, 2011

Awesome video!!!! your voice was clear and your explainations were to the point! I had no idea that google earth could go to the moon, that is so cool and I know students would absolutely love that!

My only suggestion would be to come up with a few examples of how it could be used in the classroom. But, that was awesome!

nikki naylor
October 11, 2011

your video was really good, the transitions were smoooth and the content was clear, my only suggestion would be to go a little more into detail about how google earth can be used and incorperated into classrooms.

danielle Nathan
October 11, 2011

the introduction is really good! I like how you show and explain all the different parts.
However, the sound is a little distracting and I'm sure you can give a lot more detail and examples of how to implement it in a classroom to make the video a little longer.

Emily Robertson
October 11, 2011

I thought this video was great! I loved the demonstration on how Google Earth worked, and did not know that you are able to look at the moon with it!

The only thing that I think could be improved was adding a few more examples of how Google Earth can be incorporated into the classroom.

Abby Lindsley
October 11, 2011

I really enjoyed watching this video. I didn't know there was so much to Google Earth as I just learned in the video. Also, the background music was nice a nice soft touch to keep me engaged the entire time.

For improving the video, I would definitely increase the time. I would like to learn more about what Google Earth has to offer. Also, I would have liked to see how it could be incorporated into the classroom. Overall, great job!

Kyesia Shavers
October 11, 2011

I thought that as a tutorial on Google Earth it was great. I thought the transitions, sound, background music all worked well together.

My critiques would be that the video was very short and that more information on how google earth can be used in classrooms should have been incorporated.

Tori Nelson
October 11, 2011

I especially enjoyed the introduction with the changing pictures of the bored kid. I also liked the voice over material. Whoever did the voice has a very calm, professional presenter voice.

To improve the video, it would be beneficial to make the Google Earth footage clearer and less distorted due to image size. I would also include a few more in-class applications of Google Earth.

Rachel Wolf
October 9, 2011

Your video was very informative and I love that you picked Google Earth as a topic. I especially loved your visual examples of Google Earth. The part that showed the moon was very cool!

My only critiques are that there could have been specific examples given about how Googl Earth can be used in a classroom. Also it was a little short, but overall it was a very good video!

Amanda Harvie
October 5, 2011

Great job! I found your video very descriptive and informative. I think Google Earth is an extremely useful tool to learn about places we personally will probably never go.

My only criticisms are that I really dislike elevator music and some of the comments were a little cheesy but other than that you did awesome job!

Alyssa Prats
October 5, 2011

I really enjoyed the video! I had no idea Google Earth contained that much information. I definitely want to start using it! I liked the elevator music in the background that kept me engaged.

I suppose the only critique I have is that it was a little bit short, however you covered all the main points, so I don't see a problem with it. Great job!

Thomas Morrell
October 4, 2011

Nice introduction. It grabbed the attention of the audience early and kept it throughout. Interesting information and good use of the explanation.

Ran a little short and could have gone into a little more depth about the program. There are a lot of applications with Google Earth that could have been explored.

Alexandria Lewis
October 4, 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed this video! It was very informative, to the point, and concise. You guys did a great job of explaining how Google Earth works and where it is going. I do think you could have focused a bit more on how it can be implemented in secondary curriculum--but other than that everything was great! Good job guys!

Joshua Ray
October 4, 2011

Your video was powerful. I am an english major who is trying to find ways to use google earth now for my classes. The visuals worked well, probably because you had so much material to use, and the narration was superb. I especially liked the pictures of the students at the beginning. I can't find an improvement for it.

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