Through this Introduction to Memoir Book Circles Unit, we promote literacy and expand our students’ exposure to the genre of non-fiction, through the sub-genre of memoir. Lessons and handouts are included which will direct the sixth grade teacher to successfully begin to facilitate this Introduction to Memoir Book Circle unit. In order to differentiate instruction, and to challenge all of our readers, students will read full-length memoir novels in addition to smaller memoir texts. Assessments are provided that follow this unit. Students will go through the writing process to produce a published memoir. Students will also read a full-length memoir in homogeneous book circles.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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In this excellent resource of Introduction to Memoir Book Circles, 6th grade students read and write memoir. Alignment to core standards is addressed, essential questions are asked, and direct and indirect evidence is required to demonstrate knowledge of memoir. Seven days of lessons are included along with graphic organizers and directions. Students work in groups and independently. A variety of leveled texts are suggested to accommodate reading levels of a variety of students and facilitate differentiation of instruction. While directions for the actual writing of memoir is not explicit, all the background information building to that assignment is provided. Although it is stated that, “Assessments are provided that follow this unit. Students will go through the writing process to produce a published memoir,” it cannot be found in this resource.
Joshua Marks
October 27, 2011
Wonderful. This lesson can be used and adapted for may different texts too! Thank you!

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