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Visual thinking can be expressed in many ways. Graphic organizers are one way for visual thinkers to arrange their ideas. These tools can be very helpful because they allow students to practice editing and organizing their ideas before writing a thematic essay. Graphic organizers encourage students to concentrate on key terms and focus on the connections between these terms. Organizers are also a worthy tool to review concepts and allow students to demonstrate their understanding. Students can easily make changes and examine multiple perspectives. In essence these organizers will help students to achieve clarity of thinking. Lastly, these organizers benefit students by helping them to develop the big picture of a topic and develop these ideas into a thesis statement. This CAP aims to create graphic organizers for the 9th grade curriculum and provide corresponding thematic essay topics.


  • Social Studies > General
  • Social Studies > Anthropology
  • Social Studies > Careers
  • Social Studies > Civics
  • Social Studies > Current Events
  • Social Studies > Economics
  • Social Studies > Entrepreneurship
  • Social Studies > Geography
  • Social Studies > Global Awareness
  • Social Studies > Government
  • Social Studies > Political Systems
  • Social Studies > Psychology
  • Social Studies > Religion
  • Social Studies > Research
  • Social Studies > Sociology
  • Social Studies > State History
  • Social Studies > Technology
  • Social Studies > Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Social Studies > United States Government
  • Social Studies > United States History
  • Social Studies > World History

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  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This lab is appropriate and engaging for middle or high school students. In a “hands-on” twist to the traditional base/phenolphthalein exchange, students use candy-coated gloves (one students’ glove presumably has the addition of bacteria) to shake hands with their classmates, then each student swabs his or her glove and plates the sample. From the information tab, we learn that the bacteria used are Serratia marcescens (a non-pathogenic, opportunistic bacteria that forms bright red bacterial colonies). This is a wonderful lab experience but, although the activity is very clear in the mind of the contributing educator, newer educators may need a more thorough write-up in order to adequately implement this activity in their own classrooms. For instance, the lesson plan may want to describe or provide additional resources for a teacher who needs review of “basic bacteriologic techniques.” Additionally, there are no explicit instructions for teacher-set up, namely how the bacteria is introduced to the candy in order to “infect” one student initially.
July 13, 2017
These are excellent! I will be able to use several of these essay prompts for my students. The graphic organizers are a great scaffolding element to help students organize their…

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