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2.2.10: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Explain regarding catching: the proper hand and finger position for catching a ball the roles of body parts not directly involved in catching objects how to reduce the impact force while catching an object.

2.2.10: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Draw conclusions or confirm predictions about what will happen next in a text by identifying key words (signal words that alert the reader to a sequence of events, such as before, first, during, while, as, at the same time, after, then, next, at last, finally, now, when or cause and effect, such as because, since, therefore, so).

2.2.10: Louisiana PreK-Grade 12 Social Studies

Identify natural disasters, predict where they may occur, and explain their effects on people and the environment

2.2.10: Maine Federal, State, and Local Accountability Standards - Mathematics

Students read, construct, and interpret line graphs.
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