Comparing and incorporating art forms by analyzing methods of presentation and audience response for theatre, dramatic media (such as film, television, and electronic media), and other art forms


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3.2.6: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Remember and perform choreographed dance sequences using ideas, images, or feelings.

3.2.6: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Maintain the workspace, materials, and tools responsibly and safely.

3.2.6: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Identify the differences between dribbling a ball (with the hand or the foot) while moving forward and when changing direction.

3.2.6: Indiana's Academic Standards for Science

Describe how the properties of earth materials make them useful to humans in different ways. Describe ways that humans have altered these resources to meet their needs for survival.

3.2.6: Indiana's Academic Standards Social Studies

Explain the role citizens have in making decisions and rules within the community, state and nation.

3.2.6: Indiana's Academic Standards Music

Play ostinato accompaniments on pitched and non-pitched classroom instruments, independently and with others.

3.2.6: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Locate appropriate and significant information from the text, including problems and solutions.

3.2.6: Maine Federal, State, and Local Accountability Standards - Science and Technology

Students describe and analyze the interactions, cycles, and factors that affect short-term and long-term ecosystem stability and change.

3.2.6: North Dakota Health Content Standards

Explain personal safety procedures and use of equipment (e.g., life jackets, emergency exit routes, seatbelts)
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