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4.2.4: Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

Show an appreciation for literature by electing to read for pleasure and expressing an interest in various literary genres.

4.2.4: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Perform dance phrases using changes in dynamics (energy) to reflect different, ideas, feelings, and meaning.

4.2.4: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Draw people in proportion to objects found in nature or in their environment.

4.2.4: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Describe the appropriate body orientation to strike a ball, using the forehand movement pattern.

4.2.4: Indiana's Academic Standards for Science

Investigate earth materials that serve as natural resources and gather data to determine which ones are limited by supply.

4.2.4: Indiana Physical Education Standards

Recognize and describe critical elements of complex movement patterns.

4.2.4: Indiana Academic Standards for Health & Wellness

Identify how the community can support personal health practices.

4.2.4: Indiana's Academic Standards for Mathematics

Use the distributive property in expressions involving multiplication.

4.2.4: Indiana's Academic Standards Social Studies

Identify major state offices, the duties and powers associated with them, and how they are chosen, such as by election or appointment.

4.2.4: Indiana's Academic Standards Music

Play instrumental pieces of various styles and cultures.

4.2.4: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Evaluate new information and hypotheses (statements of theories or assumptions) by testing them against known information and ideas.

4.2.4: Louisiana PreK-Grade 12 Social Studies

Draw conclusions about the relationship of significant events in the history of the United States to the expansion of democracy in the United States

4.2.4: Maryland English Core Learning Goals

The student will explain how repetitions of words, phrases, structural features, and ideas affect the meaning and/or tone of a text.

4.2.4: Maryland Science Core Learning Goals

The student will differentiate among acids, bases, and salts based on their properties.

4.2.4: Social Studies High School Content Expectations v.10.07

Identify the purposes and functions of governmental and non-governmental international organizations, and the role of the United States in each (e.g., the United Nations, NATO, World Court, Organization of American States, International Red Cross, Amnesty International).

4.2.4: North Dakota Health Content Standards

Describe ways to identify risk taking situations (e.g., staying home alone) and how to avoid threatening situations (e.g., being approached by a stranger, internet sites)

4.2.4: North Dakota Social Studies Content Standards

Use chronological order and sequence to describe the cause-and-effect relationships of historical events and periods in North Dakota (e.g., how the railroads led to settlements in the state)

4.2.4: North Dakota Foreign Language Content Standards

Recognize and compare the varying roles of men, women, and children in various cultures (e.g., students role play traditional roles in family, create scrapbooks about imaginary extended families in the target culture).

4.2.4: North Dakota Foreign Language Content Standards

Analyze roles of men, women and children in various cultures (i.e., traditional societal roles in family, business, education).

4.2.4: North Dakota Foreign Language Content Standards

Analyze roles of men, women and children in various cultures within literature and media (e.g., students follow a TV series and analyze the roles and interrelationships portrayed, then contrast with an American series).

4.2.4: North Dakota Dance Content Standards

Know how to use the characteristics of solo and group dance to create whole compositions.

4.2.4: Nevada Physical Education Content Standards

Perform various structured exercises in a safe manner

4.2.4: South Dakota Health Education Standards

Demonstrate ways to tell a trusted adult if threatening or harmful behaviors affect self or others.
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