Mathematics Curriculum Framework
November 2000

Learning Standards by Strand

Patterns, Relations, and Algebra
for Grades 5-6

cross symbolUnderstand patterns, relations, and functions
solid circle symbolRepresent and analyze mathematical situations and structures using algebraic symbols
solid triangle symbolUse mathematical models to represent and understand quantitative relationships
solid square symbolAnalyze change in various contexts

Learning Standards

Students engage in problem solving, communicating, reasoning, connecting, and representing as they:
6.P.1Analyze and determine the rules for extending symbolic, arithmetic, and geometric patterns and progressions, e.g., ABBCCC; 1, 5, 9, 13 ...; 3, 9, 27, .... cross symbol
6.P.2Replace variables with given values and evaluate/simplify, e.g., 2(circle variable) + 3 when circle variable = 4. solid circle symbol
6.P.3Use the properties of equality to solve problems, e.g., if square variable + 7 = 13, then square variable = 13 - 7, therefore square variable = 6; if 3 x square variable = 15, then 1/3 x 3 x square variable = 1/3 x 15, therefore square variable = 5. solid circle symbol
6.P.4Represent real situations and mathematical relationships with concrete models, tables, graphs, and rules in words and with symbols, e.g., input-output tables. solid triangle symbol
6.P.5Solve linear equations using concrete models, tables, graphs, and paper-pencil methods. solid triangle symbol
6.P.6Produce and interpret graphs that represent the relationship between two variables in everyday situations. solid triangle symbol
6.P.7Identify and describe relationships between two variables with a constant rate of change. Contrast these with relationships where the rate of change is not constant. solid square symbol

Exploratory Concepts and Skills

  • Use physical models to investigate and describe how a change in one variable affects a second variable.
  • Use models to develop understanding of slope as constant rate of change.
  • Model situations with proportional relationships and solve problems.

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