Badge from the Pennsylvania GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) veterans group's semiannual encampment on the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.


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1.12.2: Indiana Academic Standards for Visual Arts

Visit local museums, exhibits, and experience visiting artists in the school.

1.12.2: Nevada Physical Education Content Standards

Integrate discipline-specific knowledge to new physical activities.

1.12.2: Nevada Health Content Standards

Formulate a personal health strategy utilizing self-reflection to achieve overall wellness.

1.12.2: Nevada Arts Standards - Music

Perform using correct intonation, diction, tone quality, and appropriate expressive qualities in small and large ensembles with and without a conductor.

1.12.2: Nevada Arts Standards - Theater

Create a theatrical performance by conducting auditions, casting characters, directing scenes, and conducting production meetings.

1.12.2: South Dakota Health Education Standards

Describe the interrelationships of emotional, mental, physical, and social health.
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