This collection of gravitation lessons were developed by Dr. Carl Pennypacker and his colleagues at UC Berkeley to use with middle and high school students.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This collection of lessons teaches high school students about the force of gravity and provides a rich variety of clear activities to help students comprehend this very complex idea. Starting with a pre-test to flush out any misconceptions, then moving into a series of hands-on activities, students begin to establish patterns in data generated in the classroom. Later, students have the opportunity to participate in a PhET project simulation, My Solar System, where students can input their own data and simulate various gravitation experiments. These activities, along with a variety of handouts, will help students develop a more accurate and deeper understanding of gravitational force. These are excellent resources, however a teacher may need more clear instructions regarding objectives, material lists, and time needed for each activity. Additionally, this resource could be improved through the inclusion of standards alignment and answer keys when appropriate.
Kathleen Duhl

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