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1.1.5: Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

Evaluate information found in selected sources on the basis of accuracy, validity, appropriateness for needs, importance, and social and cultural context.

1.1.5: Fine Arts Theatre and Dance Curriculum Framework

Utilize the five senses and expand levels of awareness of sensory choices in creating dramatizations.

1.1.5: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Distinguish between sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, and forms of objects in nature.

1.1.5: District of Columbia Health Education Standards

Describe the benefits of getting adequate sleep (e.g., to aid in the growth and repair of the body).

1.1.5: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Jump a moving rope turned independently or by others continuously.

1.1.5: Indiana Academic Standards for Health & Wellness

Explain why it is important to have regular medical checkups.

1.1.5: Indiana's Academic Standards for Mathematics

Solve problems involving addition and subtraction by modeling addition of numbers to at least 100 (putting together, increasing) and by modeling the inverse operation of subtraction (taking away, comparing, finding the difference) using objects.

1.1.5: Indiana's Academic Standards Social Studies

Identify people and events observed in national celebrations and holidays.

1.1.5: Indiana's Academic Standards for Visual Art

Discuss individual art experiences in daily life.

1.1.5: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Recognize different vowel sounds in orally stated single-syllable words.

1.1.5: Maryland English Core Learning Goals

The student will identify specific structural elements of particular literary forms: poetry, short story, novel, drama, essay, biography, autobiography, journalistic writing, and film.

1.1.5: Maryland Science Core Learning Goals

The student will explain factors that produce biased data (incomplete data, using data inappropriately, conflicts of interest, etc.).

1.1.5: Maine Federal, State, and Local Accountability Standards - English Language Arts

Students read and make generalizations about texts, within a grade appropriate span of text complexity, by applying their knowledge and strategies of comprehension, vocabulary, alphabetics, and fluency.

1.1.5: North Dakota Foreign Language Content Standards

Express states of being and feelings (e.g., survey people's feelings, create "guess who" descriptions, and simple riddles).

1.1.5: North Dakota Foreign Language Content Standards

Elaborate on states of being and feelings (e.g., explain reasons for feelings).

1.1.5: North Dakota Foreign Language Content Standards

Exchange reflections upon states of being and feelings (e.g., participate in a spontaneous, non-directed conversation for an extended period of time).
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