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The Aussie Fir Tree task is a culminating task for a 2-3 week unit on algebra that uses the investigation of growing patterns as a vehicle to teach students to visualize, identify and describe real world mathematical relationships. Students who demonstrate mastery of the unit are able to solve the Aussie Fir Tree task in one class period.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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The Aussie Fir Tree project is a real world algebra activity that involves patterns of growth in which students visualize, identify and describe mathematical relationships. The project provides detailed instructions, grading rubric, assessments, error analysis suggestions and graded examples of student responses. The Common Core State Standards and Process standards that are addressed in the lesson are listed. This activity should be assigned after students have completed lessons relating to geometric patterns, non-linear sequences, and quadratic functions. Possible modifications for English Language Learners and students with disabilities are also provided. This lesson is well written and comprehensive.

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