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Change can be measured on the long term (geologic) or the short term (human). “The Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes” is a 17 minute video that explores both concepts in a fun way. If you live in the Great Lakes area, the film is a great way to get the students to think of the lakes in a new way. If you live out of the area, it is a great way to introduce them to the Great Lakes and start a unit looking at the importance of the Great Lakes. This unit/lesson goes with the video "The Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes". The lesson is a series of short exploratory activities that culminate with the students researching an aspect of the Great Lakes. Google Earth is used in showing the students the Great Lakes area. Students could use Google Earth to report their research.


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SCI. Science

Use maps, satellite images and other data sets to describe patterns and make predictions about local and global systems in Earth science contexts.

SCI. Science

Explain the role of weathering, erosion and glacial activity in shaping Minnesota's current landscape.
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This well-organized lesson presents students in grades 5-9 with a multimedia exploration of the Great Lakes. Although the lesson is aimed towards educators in the Midwest (US) and aligned to the Minnesota State Standards, the author gives multiple suggestions for connecting the lesson to other geographic areas. Instruction is introduced with a video, and then explored using a Google Earth file. This file contains color-coder symbols providing information about rocks & fossils, glacial history, and human impact. The unit culminates with a research project and numerous extensions are included for teachers that want to take this lesson further. With its clear instructions, engaging materials and written support materials, this lesson would be easily integrated in any technology-enabled classroom.
Christine Mytko

I really like this lesson because it uses multimedia to really enhance learning. I am never impressed with technology that is "cool," only technology that is "helpful." I am inspired by your kmz file. :)

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