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This lesson is for sudents to able to practice different types of expressive writing (short stories, poems, lyrics). Using podcast and blogs to demostrate their skills and speaking in front of an audience.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This is the first lesson in a unit on nutrition, health, and well-being and begins by focusing on the digestive, circulatory, nervous, and immune systems. Eventually the unit will be expanded to include five lessons: (1) Human Body 101: A Review of Human Anatomy and Physiology, (2) Microorganisms In, On, and Around You: The Importance of Personal Hygiene, (3) We are What We Eat: Why We Eat Healthy, (4) A Look in the Mirror: Determining Our Body Composition, (5) How Do You Feel: The Importance of Mental Health. While this lesson addresses science standards and is off to a good start, considerable modification will be necessary to make it useful in the classroom. For example, assessment is alluded to in the form of “completion and accuracy of the worksheets,” yet no worksheets or answer keys are included. Additionally, instructors are asked to deliver “lecture and class discussion explaining the components, functions, and importance of each body system” but no resources are provided. With the addition of such materials, this lesson will be much stronger, ready to share with other educators and students, and ready for the classroom.

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