The purpose of this lesson is to teach middle school students how to recognize and solve a basic algebraic equation with one unknown variable. It addresses basic algebraic concepts and is a foundation for any algebra class. This lesson should take the length of one class period, usually around 50 minutes. It is part of a larger unit on solving equations of all types. This lesson is to be used in a middle school algebra or pre-algebra class. I have a class website where the students can find their grades, their assignments, and where they can submit their online homework.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the class, students will be able to solve a basic algebraic equation (taking the form of a=bx+c).

Students will have completed independent, as well as group activities pertaining to this lesson.

The students will understand how this lesson relates to real life situations.

Guiding Question:

How do you solve an equation with one unknown variable?




Smart Board & Pen



1) Class will begin with the students completing a few questions up on the projector, testing what they have learned in the previous few lessons.

2) We will go over these answers and address and questions students have before moving on to today's lesson.

3) This lesson begins with me showing a short video of how algebraic equations can be used in real life (ex: You have 14 animal crackers. You have four more than twice Susie's animal crackers. How many animal crackers does Susie have?)

4) I begin teaching the students what an algebraic question looks like.

5) I will have the class split into groups and from a slide on the projector, students will determine which items are and are not algebraic equations. They will work together as a group to figure out the answers.

6) We will go over which ones are correct with the whole class.

7) Now that we know what the equations look like, we will try and solve them. I will write examples on the smart board and show students how to solve each type of equation.

8) I will have the students work individually on a few problems on their own

9) I will have a few volunteers come up to the smart board to show their work.

10) I will end the class by assigning a project that is due in a couple weeks. I will give them the option of making a video, a power point, or writing a song that depicts how algebra can be used in real life.


Students will be assigned online homework that must be submitted before the start of school the next day. It will ask them to identify algebraic equations, as well as solve them.

I will grade the project based on overall knowledge of the topic, creativity, information included, and effort.

Answer Key or Rubric:

The homework software will grade itself, and the students will be awarded a score out of 10 for the questions they got right.

Benchmark or Standards:

MA.8.A.4.1: Solve literal equations for a specified variable.

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