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A collection of resources related to the Hunger Games series.


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Curriki Rating
On a scale of 0 to 3
On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 3, as of 2012-07-29.

Component Ratings:

Technical Completeness: 3
Content Accuracy: 3
Appropriate Pedagogy: 3

Reviewer Comments:

This resource on the Hunger Games includes a variety of “children” or parts to supplement the reading and understanding of the popular series of post apocalyptic, dystopian future novels. The first “child” of the resource asks students to compare the diets of the district citizens with the Capitol citizens and draw conclusions about each. While these worksheets are specific to the texts, the general theme of World Hunger can be discussed and the connection can be examined. The second “child” offers a blog on the Hunger Games and Urban Education. Links to engage the educator are provided for deeper understanding and extension. Another link is provided to the Scholastic website and their interactive computer game on the Hunger Games, simulating the role of tribute in the games. The last “child” is a lesson plan on prewriting, with the guiding question being, “How can ideas be created, articulated, and organized in order to prepare for a paper draft?” While the topic for this pre-write is Hunger Games, the lesson will be usable for any text. A rubric is included for this resource as well.
Sabrina Martiello
April 29, 2013
The lesson is very interactive and allows students to utilize different resources. Each student having access to a computer is key and because of it, it allows students to benefit…

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