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Learners are given advice on how they can earn extra money by becoming an entrepreneur. After investigating several web pages that offer examples of what other people their age have done to earn money, students identify three money-making ideas for themselves such as: considering what they would enjoy doing, what they do well, what people are willing to buy, the need to set a price that will be profitable, and safety. In a follow-up activity, students are given tips on how they might advertise what they are selling. They prepare flyers to promote one of their ideas for earning money. For an introduction to earning and other ways people get money, the instructor may want to first use the lesson 'Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.'


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1.5.1: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Clap out rhythmic patterns found in the lyrics of music and use symbols to create visual representations of the patterns.

1.5.1: District of Columbia Health Education Standards

Demonstrate the ability to match nonverbal communication with verbal communication to express feelings.

1.5.1: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Identify the feelings that result from participation in physical activity.

1.5.1: Indiana Physical Education Standards

Identify and demonstrate safety practices and personal responsibility during physical education class, recess and after school physical activities.

1.5.1: Indiana Academic Standards for Health & Wellness

Describe a health-related decision.

1.5.1: Indiana's Academic Standards for Visual Art

Demonstrate curiosity and personal insight through observing and discussing works of art.

1.5.1: Indiana's Academic Standards Music

Read and perform simple four-beat patterns with quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests using rhythm syllables.

1.5.1: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Write brief narratives (stories) describing an experience.

1.5.1: Indiana Academic Standards for Dance

Observe and describe different types of dance in various communities and cultures.

1.5.1: Indiana Academic Standards for Theatre

Respond to plays, stories, songs, fairy tales, fables, and nursery rhymes.

1.5.1: Indiana Academic Standards for Visual Arts

Observe and reflect on a work of art and share personal responses with peers; demonstrate curiosity.

1.5.1: Louisiana PreK-Grade 12 Social Studies

Identify ways to save money

1.5.1: Maryland Science Core Learning Goals

The student will demonstrate the ability to summarize data (measurements/observations).

1.5.1: North Dakota Health Content Standards

Set a short-term personal health goal (e.g., daily physical activity, watching less television, eating healthy foods) and describe a plan to achieve it

1.5.1: North Dakota Physical Education Content Standards

Apply rules and procedures during physical activities (e.g., safety, equipment, directions)

1.5.1: North Dakota Social Studies Content Standards

Identify Earth's geographical landforms (e.g., islands, mountains, plains, hills, bodies of water)

1.5.1: North Dakota Science Content Standards

Explain that short-term weather conditions can change daily, and how weather affects people's daily activities

1.5.1: Nevada Physical Education Content Standards

Utilize vocabulary to differentiate between more complex game-like strategies (i.e. offense, defense).

1.5.1: Nevada Health Content Standards

Describe the relationship between health behaviors and personal health.

1.5.1: Nevada Arts Standards - Music

Sing independently and expressively.

1.5.1: Nevada Arts Standards - Theater

Create a script with two or more characters; a beginning, middle and end; setting; and character descriptions.

1.5.1: South Dakota Health Education Standards

Describe the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health.
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