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An instructional video on the uses of IPad applications in the classroom.


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Emilie Shinskie

Cool! I thought it was great that you went through the different types of educational Apps. Those Apps are very applicable to the classroom. I also liked that you didn't just talk about the Apps., but you showed yourself using the Apps on the iPad. Really good. Just some thoughts: when you weren't actually using the App, I would suggest pulling your hand out of the screen. The extra hand movement became a little distracting. I also would suggest putting the iPad on a one-colored background, like a green towel or orange piece of paper. You might also change the background throughout the video. I was distracted by the background of iPad (I think it was a back porch). It just made the video look a little too casual. Otherwise, great job!

Marcie Reyna

I enjoyed your video! I really liked how you used an actual iPad and demonstrated for us some of its neat uses. I also liked how you focused on education applications because it would be a tool I would love to use in my future classroom. I do not know if it was my computer or what but the sound was really low. I turned my laptop and the youtube volume all the way up but I still had to strain to hear. Also, I would like to have actually seen a textbook in iBooks. Other than that great job!

Sasha Pacheco

I really enjoyed watching your video. You girls did a very good job on showing and explaining the educational apps and how they can be used in the classroom setting. The instructions were very simple and easy to comprehend.
The sound quality was a little low, I had to increase the volume all the way up on my computer to hear the video. Also, if the camera had been a little more steady it would have been a much more excellent video. Overall, good job! :)

Jennifer Cyr

I enjoyed your video! I really enjoyed hearing about all the different ways you can use an iPad in the classroom. I liked how you showed video of the apps and how they work on an actual iPad, and I also thought you did a good job explaining the educational implications of the apps. A way to improve the presentation would be to speak a little louder; sometimes you were pretty quiet. Also, while you explained the educational implications of the technology really well, it would be nice to have some more information about the iPad, like how it functions and where it is going in the future. Good job!

Melissa Zuniga

Ipads are awesome! Your video was very instructional and demonstrated many easy to use and useful apps in the classroom and for the student. I enjoyed how you showed apps for different subjects and the calender app, which is an additional benefit for a student in staying organized which is crucial for success in school. Two suggestions I would make is increasing the volume because I don't know if it was only my computer but the sound quality was low. Also, keeping the camera steady and placing the ipad against a darker background would help keep the audience focused on what you two have to say which was important!

Brittany Burrows

I love ipads and wish I had one even more now, because of your video!! You gave great reasons to have and use an ipad in the classroom, and I loved how you gave so many example resources! Its so accessible and easy to use,a nd you proved that by manually showing people how to use each of your examples, which I thought was a great idea.
I would have liked to see other people using the ipad as well, maybe students in a classroom. ALso, the video did get a bit boring, because it never changed at all. I think it could have been a lot more fun and engaging if music was put in the background or other videos were used.

Seth Dornisch

iPads are sweet! Thanks for all the information, it really makes me want to get one. I really liked that you zoomed up at times throughout the video to show what you were pressing; this was very important because if I couldn't what you were pressing I would have gotten lost easily. I also really liked how clearly the narration instruction was. No fumbling through the script and high quality sound made the instruction easy to pay attention to.

A couple points of constructive criticism: an opening hook would have been cool, maybe just something to get me excited about ipads. The same type of shot throughout the whole thing got a little boring (even though what you were showing was definitely cool!). Also, a steadier camera would have been better, the little motions in the shot of the iPad got distracting when I started to notice them.

Over all, nice job!

renee pinault

I really liked your video! I thought it seemed helpful that you had an actual Ipad to show your demonstration as you walked through the different edu apps. I also liked that you quickly jumped into the educational uses for the Ipad since I'm sure there are a million other features you could have shown, but would have been less relevant to the classroom. My suggestions for improvement would be to place the camera on some sort of solid surface or tripod (video was a little shaky). Also, maybe add some variety through text to your to break up the different components.

Megan Chaplin

I really enjoyed your video. You chose some really useful apps and explained how to use them very well. I really liked the algebra app. I think that would have been a useful tool for me when I had to take math classes. I could only come up with a couple of things for constructive criticism. It might have been better it the camera did move as much and the sound quality could be a bit better. Honestly, I thought you did a great job!

Willard Steveback

This video is very informative about various Ipad education apps. You did a good job on giving a intro on how to use each program. You were also very quick about opening and using the programs which is often hard to pull off in a video. One thing I would add to your video is some transitions. Your video was focused on one frame which I think makes it a little bland. Another suggestion I have is to edit some of the speaking, just a few tiems you repeated yourselfs. Overall, you did a great job providing an informative tutorial on Ipad apps.

Brittany Parks

I really liked how you focused on educational apps and actually showed how they work. I also really liked how you showed apps applicable for more than one subject area, which made the IPad seem like a really versatile tool. One of my suggestions is that a few seconds spent on the "how-to" aspect of how to use an IPad in general would have been helpful, as not everyone who sees it may have used one before. Another, purely technical suggestion, is to increase the volume of the video--sometimes I could hardly hear it! Otherwise very good video.

Everett Nelson

I want an IPad after looking at your video. I loved how you guys demonstrated how to use the different educational apps and I liked how you explain the differences between each app. At times I missed how you were demonstrating things. But that was very very minor.

Sylvia Lionel

Great job with showing the various educational ways that an ipad can be used in the classroom, very clear and informative. The introduction was very quick, and when you said your names I thought you would show your face or something but the scene was of the ipad. Along those lines, it would have been more engaging if the scene changed a few times though that may be hard due to the nature of your video. Overall, good job!

Rashida Lake

I really enjoyed watching how to use the different educational apps. One suggestion would be for you to change the setting a little. Maybe turn the iPad to another position or something to keep your audience more engaged.

Brittney Parks

Your video was extremely informative. I have an Ipad, and I didn't know about the apps you described in your video. After watching your video, I definitely will be downloading some of the apps you discussed. I loved that your video actually showed the Ipad, and how to use each app. In order to make the video more appealing, a more captivating introduction is needed. Overall, I really enjoyed your video.

Jeff Moyer

I enjoyed this 5x7 a lot OT was well done and got showed how apps can be used in the classroom. I liked how you showed different apps that are good for teaching, too. I was distracted by sound at times too but that's the only weak point I could find.

Caroline Cochran

I enjoyed watching your 5x7. It was very interesting and I liked hearing about all the educational apps of the Ipad. I have used the Ipad specifically for games and the Internet so it was nice to see how it can be implemented into a classroom setting.
I also enjoyed how it was a homemade video. It was good to see how it worked by an actual video and not just showing pictures of the Ipad. It helped make it more of a tutorial video and I that was interesting.

It was kind of hard to hear so improving the volume and sound would be a helpful tip. Otherwise great job!

Heather Webb

I really liked the interactive hand using the ipad. It looked very professional and was timed perfectly to the narration. It felt like a friend was showing me how to use something rather than feeling contrived. Also, all the apps you showed were very cool and I could see using them in a classroom or for myself. (I really loved the flashcards, I will totally be using that in the future). I liked how you showed how the apps could be used by students and actually demonstrated them. The entire video was based on someone demonstrating on the ipad, and it might have caught the viewer's attention more if you added something different such as music or maybe a cut to someone using it in the classroom. I might also think it would be helpful to know where to look for apps like this as a teacher. Maybe have a section explaining how to look or educational apps or showing a website that lists good education apps.

Cierra Quigley

I really enjoyed your 5x7 presentation. One thing I liked a lot about your video was your demonstrations throughout the video of how to use the iPad and the apps on it. They were very informative and I learned a lot by watching your demonstrations. You also did a great job with explaining the educational implications of the iPad. The apps you explained in your video really could have a big impact on education.
One thing that could improve your video is more information. You did a great job explaining the educational implications of the iPad, but you could of explained more about who is using it now, where is it going, etc. Another thing that could improve your video is more video clips and graphics. While your demonstrations were great, video clips and graphics could make your video even more entertaining and engaging.

Awesome job!

Hannah Smoot

Great job!

I really liked that you actually showed how to use the iPad-- it was a clear explanation of how to use it. It was also cool that you showed those study/teaching tools; the Flashcardlet app is something I might actually look into using. Great study tool, which also saves paper! iStudiez is another great resource!

I think you did an amazing job explaining the educational implications, but maybe you could have said more about the future of the iPad or its other uses. Also, I was somewhat distracted by the hand movements. But it really wasn't too big of a deal. I was genuinely interested in the applications you were teaching us about so I remained interested most of the time.

Karlie Turner

I really liked how you used an actual iPad during your video. I think it really helps beginners especially to watch someone else use a product to understand it. Also, the apps you did show were great! I didn't know about those apps (I had to make mine on notecards!!), but they would definitely be very useful. Two improvements that could have been made were 1) the camera wasn't very steady and it kind of made me want to look away, and 2) I would have liked to see the iPad being used in an actual classroom setting. These are very minor though. I thought it was a great video!

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