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Fireworks capture our attention with their beautiful colors and controlled explosions, both of which link directly to fundamental concepts taught in basic chemistry classes. The media resources featured in this lesson provide a visually rich way to tie together spectral chemistry, combustion, and the nature of fire. Students watch a video segment and read text about the color of fireworks (particularly useful when following a chemistry lab in which powders of elements are placed over a flame to observe their spectral emission). They also watch a video segment and do an interactive activity on the mechanics of a firework, which leads to optional interactive activities for those wanting a slightly more advanced chemistry lesson involving chemical reactions. They wrap up by viewing video segments of many different types of fireworks and explaining the principles of chemistry and pyrotechnics that create all their glory.


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SCI.10-12.10.H: Science

understand and differentiate among acid-base reactions, precipitation reactions, and oxidation-reduction reactions;
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