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In this lesson, students research World War II era defense industries as well as government programs from the era that were located in their community or directly affected their community, and speculate on the impact and effectiveness of those projects in regard to helping in the overall war effort. Using their research, student groups create Web blogs in which they analyze those projects and make conclusions as to their importance in helping the war effort as well as boosting the local economy. If desired, the blogs can be publicized, and persons in the community with memories of the World War II era can post to student blogs.


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SOC.9-10.15.B.4a: Social Science

Explain the costs and benefits of making consumer purchases through differing means (e.g., credit, cash).

SOC.9-10.15.B.4b: Social Science

Analyze the impact of current events (e.g., weather/natural disasters, wars) on consumer prices.

SOC.9-10.15.C.4a: Social Science

Analyze the impact of political actions and natural phenomena (e.g., wars, legislation, natural disaster) on producers and production decisions.

SOC.9-10.15.C.4b: Social Science

Explain the importance of research, development, invention, technology and entrepreneurship to the United States economy.

SOC.9-10.15.D.4a: Social Science

Explain the meaning and importance of "balance of trade" and how trade surpluses and deficits between nations are determined.

SOC.9-10.15.D.4b: Social Science

Describe the relationships between the availability and price of a nation's resources and its comparative advantage in relation to other nations.

SOC.9-10.15.D.4c: Social Science

Describe the impact of worker productivity (output per worker) on business, the worker and the consumer.

SOC.9-10.15.E.4a: Social Science

Explain why government may intervene in a market economy.

SOC.9-10.15.E.4b: Social Science

Describe social and environmental benefits and consequences of production and consumption.

SOC.9-10.15.E.4c: Social Science

Analyze the relationship between a country's science/technology policies and its level and balance of trade.

SOC.9-10.16.A.4a: Social Science

Analyze and report historical events to determine cause-and-effect relationships.
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