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A collection of labs, exercises, references, and games about insects.


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SCI.K-4.4.L1.1a: Science

Animals need air, water, and food in order to live and thrive.

SCI.K-4.4.L1.2a: Science

Living things grow, take in nutrients, breathe, reproduce, eliminate waste, and die.

SCI.K-4.4.L3.1a.1: Science

wings, legs, or fins enable some animals to seek shelter and escape predators the mouth, including teeth, jaws, and tongue, enables some animals to eat and drink

SCI.K-4.4.L3.1a.2: Science

the mouth, including teeth, jaws, and tongue, enables some animals to eat and drink

SCI.K-4.4.L3.1a.3: Science

eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and skin of some animals enable the animals to sense their surroundings

SCI.K-4.4.L3.1a.4: Science

claws, shells, spines, feathers, fur, scales, and color of body covering enable some animals to protect themselves from predators and other environmental conditions, or enable them to obtain food

SCI.K-4.4.L3.1a.5: Science

some animals have parts that are used to produce sounds and smells to help the animal meet its needs

SCI.K-4.4.L3.1a.6: Science

the characteristics of some animals change as seasonal conditions change (e.g. , fur grows and is shed to help regulate body heat; body fat is a form of stored energy and it changes as the seasons change)

SCI.K-4.4.L3.2a: Science

Individuals within a species may compete with each other for food, mates, space, water, and shelter in their environment.

SCI.K-4.4.L3.2b: Science

All individuals have variations, and because of these variations, individuals of a species may have an advantage in surviving and reproducing.

SCI.5-8.4.L1.1g: Science

Multicellular animals often have similar organs and specialized systems for carrying out major life activities.

SCI.5-8.4.L3.1a: Science

The processes of sexual reproduction and mutation have given rise to a variety of traits within a species.

SCI.5-8.4.L3.1b: Science

Changes in environmental conditions can affect the survival of individual organisms with a particular trait. Small differences between parents and offspring can accumulate in successive generations so that descendants are very different from their ancestors. Individual organisms with certain traits are more likely to survive and have offspring than individuals without those traits.

SCI.5-8.4.L4.3d: Science

Patterns of development vary among animals. In some species the young resemble the adult, while in others they do not. Some insects and amphibians undergo metamorphosis as they mature.

SCI.5-8.4.L5.1a: Science

Animals and plants have a great variety of body plans and internal structures that contribute to their ability to maintain a balanced condition.

SCI.5-8.4.L5.1b: Science

An organism's overall body plan and its environment determine the way that the organism carries out the life processes.
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