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This map gives you an idea of executions and death row inmates in the U.S. by state, ethnicity, gender, and juvenile status.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 3, as of 2011-05-28.

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Subject Matter: 2
Support Steaching: 1
Assessments Quality: 2
Interactivity Quality: 1
Deeper Learning: 1

Reviewer Comments:

A valuable resource for teaching about the death penalty. The map is interactive and allows you to examine the statistics of executions and death by race, gender, age, and state. It would be helpful to have overall population statistics of the various groups in order to look at percentages during the analysis of the data. There is a link to the main menu that includes other information about the death penalty.
Steven Johnson
May 29, 2011

I completely agree with Liz that the interactive aspect of this Map is incredible for students as they continue in their discovery, research, and analysis of this topic. It assists in making the information much more concrete and meaningful through its relevancy to their lives. I did enjoy the fact the it did highlight the differentiation between Gender, Ethnicity, and Age but I think it would have been even more useful if it had a synopsis of death row and execution of each of these categories in a more useful chart or graphic organizer of some sort to help to reader better conceptualize the data and statistics more efficiently as they searched for answers! Other than that, your team did a great job in selecting such a useful learning object!

Liz Raasch
May 28, 2011

I love the interactive aspect of this map. I think that if kids can manipulate something, they have more of a chance of remembering that day's lesson. There are so many different things to fiddle with in this object that it can also be a bit overwhelming as well. If this is used in the classroom, I suggest a rigid set of rules so that the students get out of this what you want. The high-point of this object can also be its down fall, so structured learning is essential. Otherwise, this is great!

Sara Thompson
May 26, 2011

I agree with Jill -- this map is great. I love the fact that it is interactive and could totally see using it on a SMARTboard (in my dreams, right?)! It would be excellent to use in a variety of legal topics relating to the death penalty or death row and, since it is goes so far as to break inmates down into racial groups and gender, it could provide some awesome discussion and feedback with the students. Too bad it doesn't break down executions by race because that would make this map a one-stop shop in teaching about nearly every issue about capital punishment. Great resource! So glad you found it!!

Jillian Kistler
May 25, 2011

This map it really informative. It would be a great tool for students of all ages. I would have them guess what they think the number of death row inmates or executions for each category are and then reveal the true number. The color coding inside the states is easier to visualize than if we were given a chart full of numbers that correlated to a specific state. This is a great tool to use with struggling readers as well as students who have difficultly processing maps and other statistical or analytical information. Overall if I was going to teach the death penalty I would make sure to utilize this learning object. Great Job!

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