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The digital manipulation of images is widespread: but despite what many believe, it is not a new phenomena. Images have been manipulated since the start of photography. Learning to read photographs, and to question them, is part of what is today known as “visual literacy.” All too often, our students believe everything they see. Exposing them to images, and teaching them how to both question and “read images,” is one way of teaching them critical thinking and critical viewing skills—both essential skills in the 21st century.


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This strong resource is a guide in how-to write a college essay. Based on the philosophy that the “act of writing trains and develops the act of thinking,” this paper tells the student how to do that. The writer’s tools are a dictionary, thesaurus, and word processing program. This guide is peppered with specific advice, such as keep an electronic copy, format detail, style manuals, etc. etc. Students are also advised that better writers read good writers and write a lot. Brainstorming, clustering, free writing, collecting, shaping, reshaping, revising, proofreading and a strong thesis statement are all essential parts of writing for college. A rubric is included with helps the student asses his or her expository writing in 16 areas.

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