The World Affairs Council was pleased to host Mohammad Fani and Lesley Hazelton as part of its Global Classroom event focusing on Islam. Mr. Fani and Ms. Hazelton used their dialogue to share actual teachings of Islam and its commonalities with Judaism and Christianity. The objective of the resource packet included here is to teach students about Islam and some of the issues that Islamic scholars are debating today such as democracy and human rights. Teachers may use the sections in the packet as building blocks to teach about Islam, Muslims around the world, democracy, and human rights. Once informed on each of those topics, students can better explore and debate important issues facing the world today such as the compatibility of democracy with Islam.


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This is a valuable resource for all Art and History instructors who are teaching about Picasso, World War I, the Spanish Civil War, and World War II. It is filled with engaging lesson plans, links to relevant websites, book and documentary references, and so much more. The packet is well-organized and provides key background information on Picasso and how is work was influenced by world events. The lesson plans range from an introductory activity for elementary students that help them explore the world of art to specific lesson plans tied to key world events for older grades. Overall a great resource to add depth and understanding to the study of Picasso and the world events that influenced his paintings.

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