Starting in 1607, Captain John Smith set about exploring and describing the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. This map, published in 1612, would become the primary cartographic resource on the region for nearly seven decades.  


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1.8.1: Indiana Academic Standards for Health & Wellness

Identify ways to promote health and wellness.

1.8.1: Indiana's Academic Standards for Visual Art

Identify the uniqueness of products and processes of visual art and other disciplines.

1.8.1: Indiana's Academic Standards Music

Discover musical terms and concepts such as pattern and line that are also used in other disciplines and express them through moving, drawing, or other appropriate means.

1.8.1: Indiana Academic Standards for Dance

Demonstrate respect and appreciation during a live dance performance.

1.8.1: Indiana Academic Standards for Theatre

Observe and discuss the appearance and characteristics of people, creatures, and things.

1.8.1: Indiana Academic Standards for Visual Arts

Identify and apply elements (line, shape, form, texture, and color) and principles (repetition and variety) in their work.

1.8.1: North Dakota Science Content Standards

Identify ways (e.g., create things, ask questions, make observations, figure things out) that everybody can do science

1.8.1: Nevada Physical Education Content Standards

Describe a strategy for sport utilizing appropriate vocabulary.

1.8.1: Nevada Health Content Standards

Analyze the relationship between health behaviors and personal health.

1.8.1: Nevada Arts Standards - Music

Sing with technical accuracy and good breath control throughout their singing ranges.

1.8.1: Nevada Arts Standards - Theater

Write a script with appropriate format (i.e. acts, scenes), simple stage directions, cast of characters, and technical needs.

1.8.1: Nevada Arts Standards - Visual Arts

Compare and contrast the use of media, techniques, and processes in works of art.

1.8.1: South Dakota Health Education Standards

Analyze the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health.
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