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In the KC-10 Aircraft Simulator, with a KC-10 Course Book and a Power Plant Ground Operations Checklist, participate in an Instructor Guided Review (IGR) of General Safety Requirements; Equipment Operation; Aircraft Systems Operation; and Ground Engine Operating Procedures. Demonstrate required knowledge of procedures by completing a hands-on run through of the checklist procedures for a KC-10 Engine Run.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This is an integrated thematic unit of study on the Civil Rights Movement and its links to two prominent Georgia residents (Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jackie Robinson). Over the course of six lessons, students study cause and effect, the Civil Rights Movement, kinetic energy, and about the lives of these key historical figures. Standards for Social Studies, Science, Language Arts and Technology are addressed through activities like journals, a newspaper, science experiment, and more. The use of primary documents, digital images and videos, and a simulated segregation exercise that involves red and yellow M&Ms will appeal to students. Overall, the unit is well-conceived. However, it will require work before successful implementation: rubrics need further development, some links are inactive, and some activities require more direction and concrete tools for differentiation. Also, take into consideration that this is a unit designed for 2nd graders in the state of Georgia. With refinement, this unit could easily be adapted for other geographic regions.

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